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News für Februar 2015


Am 14. Februar 2015 singe ich zum Romantik-Abend
im Gutshaus von Bismarck, Braunsroda.


Start 19.00 Uhr - Preis 39,- Euro p.P. inkl. Valentins-Buffet
Bitte unbedingt anmelden!


Nähere Informationen und Reservierungen
im Gutshaus von Bismarck: Tel: 03 46 73 / 97 97 4




News für Mai 2014

It's hot :-) I'm a musician, I'm lazy and it's hard work writing a newsletter in German but I'll try over the next week.

I've added a few of the confirmed gigs in the "Gigs" page.

I've also found another great town to play, more about that later.

Enjoy the sun, not sure how long it will last.

News - 3 - für Oktober 2013

Nice review from the Steiger Awards.

Called in at the last moment, only one song but it seemed to go down well:


News - 2 - für Oktober 2013

Konzert in Mielenhausen, Hann. Münden :

Cornpickers Hühnerstall

Fritag 25.10.2013 am 20.00hr





















News - für Oktober 2013

Konzert in Ringleben:

Sorry, Ausverkauft

Sorry, Sold out.

News - für September 2013

Es ist schon einige Zeit her seit meinem letzten Newsletter, ich wollte alle auf dem Laufenden halten aber da ich ein typischer Musiker bin dachte ich: scheiß drauf.

Wie Ihr vielleicht gemerkt habt, bin ich aus „Facebook“, „Linkedin“ und diese anderen Sozialen-Internet-Seiten ausgestiegen, ich habe wirklich wichtigeres in meinem Leben zu tun.

Zum Beispiel: Ich werde noch ein Konzert hier im Dorf geben, letztes Mal mussten wir so vielen Leuten absagen, da der Saal nur für ca. 100 Personen zugelassen war. Dieses Mal habe ich den größeren, für ca. 300 Leute ausgelegten, Dorf-Saal organisiert, es sollte also ausreichend Platz geben.
Der Abend wird in drei Teile aufgeteilt:

1)    Wie und wieso ich dahin gekommen bin wo ich nun bin, mit           Liedern die mich inspiriert haben und es mir erlaubt haben            das Leben so zu leben wie ich lebe und einige Anekdoten             die Ihr hoffentlich interresant findet.
2)    Lieder die ich geschrieben habe, warum ich sie geschrieben          habe und was mich dazu inspiriert hat.
3)    Die Spaß-Lieder, die das Publikum sich wünscht, die einen                                                                  Abend in ein besonderes Ereignis verwandeln, Hits die                                                                       die meisten Leute lieben.

Storchennest - Frankenhäuserstraße Ringleben


Falls Ihr dabei sein möchtet, dann bestellt Eure Karten so schnell wie möglich,
das gibt mir eine Idee wieviele kommen werden und ich kann auch genug Essen und Trinken bestellen.


Bitte melden per E-Mail oder ruft mich an über 03466 – 74 28 272 und bestellt Eure Karten.

Ich freue mich auf Euren Besuch


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News - für November 2012

KONZERT - Ein Abend mit John Spendelow


Am 28.11. mache ich ein extra Konzert hier in Ringleben für alle die entweder keine Karte mehr bekommen haben bzw. keine Zeit hatten.


Der 28.11. ist ein Mittwoch also normalerweise haben alle Zeit. Dieses extra Konzert ist im Landgasthof Zum Ring, unserer Dorfkneipe, es gibt oben einen schönen Saal (pic 2) mit Platz für über 100 Leute, so dieses mal wir haben keine Problem alle rein zu lassen.   


Bitte melden via Facebook, per E-Mail oder ruft mich an über 03466 – 74 28 272 und bestellt Eure Karten.




















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News - für November 2012


KONZERT - Ein Abend mit John Spendelow


15. November 2012 im Gutshaus von Bismark in Braunsroda ab 19 Uhr.


Da wir nur ein begrenztes Kartenangebot haben bitten wir um eine Reservierung der Karten im Gutshaus unter Tel.: 034673 - 97974 

Sorry, ausverkauft.


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News - December 2011



Einige schöne Herbst-Momente seht ihr nun endlich auf der Photos-Seite.


In meiner Gig-Liste habe ich neue Busking-Termine eingefügt, leider mögen die Veranstalter des Leipziger Weihnachtsmarktes keine Strassenmusiker (alle werden sofort gestoppt) - sorry Fans :( aber Erfurt ist nicht so weit, der Weihnachtsmarkt ist sehenswert und ich habe eine Genehmigung auf dem Fischmarkt zu spielen - DANKE Erfurt :) see you there.


Spontan werde ich vorraussichtlich auch mal in Halle, Gotha, Weimar, Hildesheim etc. vorbeischaun - genaueres auf facebook.

bis bald John



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News - 20th October 2011


It’s been a busy time!


We’ve moved to Thüringen, to a little village called Ringleben.

Our local city is now Erfurt, I played there a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to go down well, hope this continues! Also played Göttingen for the first time and apart from being a bit chilly that went well also.

Before moving I played for the Fire crew from Kettwig, they had some fire-fighter friends over from England and it was a really nice friendly morning.

Had the Stadtfest in Versmold at the end of the month and it looks like I’m back there for the Xmas market in December, Friday the 9th as far as I know, full details when I have them.

In September I played the Otmar Alt Summer party and the weather was kinder this time. Peter Maffey came along too.

Busked a few times but most of these last few weeks have been taken up with the move to Thüringen.

Coming up, I’ll be in Bad Honnef playing the Martini Markt on the Friday & Saturday 28th & 29th of October.


As always, if you go to YouTube here, you can see all the available videos.

Most of the up to date news you can find on my Facebook page, like most people I keep that more in order than the website.

Have a good week, till next time.




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News - 19th August 2011


Things have been pretty busy these last few weeks!

Those of you on "Facebook" are up to date but here's the News for the rest of you:

Finally got to busking again in Essen and we didn't see Ordnungsamt, it was nice to be back there again, will try again soon weather permitting.

Went up to Osnabrück on the 6th but they had one of these "Stassenmusik Festivals" Same as always, hardly any real buskers just a load of hobby players and people with connections to the organisers, didn't see anything worth listening to so we left and went to Oldenburg where we had a great day. We will go back to Osnabrück when there's no organisation and we can busk properly.

Next day, Sunday, went down to Soest, really nice, friendly and this time the weather was kind, not that busy but a nice way to spend a Sunday, will deffinately go back again.

On the 13th we went down to Hildesheim, I had a gig later in Algermissen so we tried a bit of busking before in Hildesheim and it was great, first time there but surely not the last.

In the evening, played a little music festival in Algermissen, nice people and made contact with an Oldies band - Chasing Wheels - nice guys.

Drove up to near Oldenburg to play a Reha clinic on Sunday morning, easy work and they seemed to enjoy it, weather was shit but our overnight was in the country in peace with nice goats as neighbours, also bought some great sheeps cheese next door, Mmmmm.

Lots of driving, tired out, came home and now we've just got the last papers through for the house in Thüringen, should have it all sorted by next week :-)

As always, if you go to YouTube here, you can see all the available videos.

Most of the up to date news you can find on my Facebook page, like most people I keep that more in order than the website.

Hope to have news of the move east in the next two weeks.

Have a good week, till next time.




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News - 22nd July 2011


The gig at the Berger Kirche was a great success, a big thanks to all of you who came along and a special thanks to Boris Hanzer for playing alongside me, we both really enjoyed it and have decided we must do this again.

Also a big thanks to Heinz Franzmann for letting us perform at the Kirche, we managed to raise €300 for Diakonie on the evening, I hope that will help out a little.

As you might have seen, we've been making up a few videos of some of the songs from "It's about Time" for promotion.

If you go to YouTube here, you can see all the available videos.

Most of the up to date news you can find on my Facebook page, like most people I keep that more in order than the website.



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News - 1st of July


From the new album, we’ve made up a video of the song “Maybe“, we started off by going down to the lake as it was raining a little but a bloody great storm came over and we got soaked so we came back and made the video in the garden. You can look at it on the “Facebook” page or on YouTube.


Yesterday we had visitors from WDR, they are going to do a piece about me on Saturday, it’s going out on Lokakzeit Dortmund so if you’ve got Sat TV you can tune into WDR, ca. 19.30.


I also done an interview with an online music site and surprisingly, the questions were more interesting than normal.


Last weekend I was down south in Els, near Limburg. I played once again for the “Lions”, it was a great evening, about 250-300 people and there was a really nice write-up about it in the press afterwards.


There’s a link to that and everything else on the Facebook page.


There are plenty of new photos and some more videos, I’ll post them all up as soon as I can.



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News - 19th of June



On Saturday the 9th of July from 8 pm I will be giving a concert in the Berger Kirche in Düsseldorf. Weather permitting; the concert will take place in the church yard, if it rains then inside the church.


This concert is the first in a series to promote the new cd “It’s About Time” copies of this will be on sale on the evening. The main music of the concert will be from the new cd but I will also play some of your favourites.


“It’s about Time” has 10 new songs, a couple of them are love songs naturally but there are others that are a release of some anger that has troubled me these last couple of years.


I remember well 1968 and all that went with it and I see a comparison with the times we’re going through today, I’m a bit old for going out and demonstrating but I can try to put into my music something that shows I’m at least in spirit with the youth of today.


Dylan wrote that the times they are a changing, I just think that it’s about time they changed again.


I’m pretty well known to many in Düsseldorf because of playing in the old town for over 25 years where I have tried to entertain you all with pop and folk classics and original songs. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes not. Sometimes Ordnungsamt left me alone to play; sometimes they took my cd’s away.


I’ll be moving away from the Rhine/Ruhr area in the next few months, I’ll still be back to play occasionally but I won’t be living here any more so, I thought it would be nice to play a little concert to some of you who might have enjoyed listening to me over the years.


I’ve booked the Berger Kirche, I’ve no idea how many of you will come along, the place will hold about 100 I would guess so if you want to come, please could you send me a quick email or use the order form on my website to let me know if your coming. There probably won’t be hundreds of you but just in case!


There will be a nominal charge of €5 for the concert, half of which will go to the Diakonie to help further with the good work they do.




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News Extra - 19th of May


The new cd is ready.

If you go to the cd page you'll see the cover, a list of the songs and some snippets to listen to.

Personal Favourites? Yes!

Land of the brave and free - Maybe - On the border.


If you've got any comments, let me know, feel free.



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News - 28th of April


Just received the confirmation that I’ve been invited to play at the Ludwigsburg Festival, if it’s as much fun as last year it should be a nice weekend. If you’ve never been there it’s quite an interesting festival, everyone plays in the grounds of the park and there is something for just about everyone. If you don’t live too far away, it should be worth a visit.

Also, There’s a new street festival that I’ve been invited to play at in Siegen on the 7th of May, I’ll put full details up as soon as I have them.

Both "Misery" & "Your Love" made it to No1 in the “Track4” charts, "Days gone by" seems to be doing pretty good as well, thanks everyone for your votes.

Check out the “Gigs” list for everything that’s coming up or sign up to me at “Facebook” Just press the "Like" button and you'll get all the news automatically.

You can also find some clips of me on "Youtube" just put my name in.




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News - 4th of March


I've got a private gig in Melle - Osnabrück this evening and we're going straight up to Oldenburg after to play there tomorrow, Saturday. The weather looks good, maybe a bit windy!!!

Misery made it to No1 in the “Track4” charts, Your love seems to be doing pretty good as well, thanks everyone for your votes.

The gig for the Otmar-Alt-Stiftung is now fixed, check out the “Gigs” list for everything that’s coming up or sign up to me at “Facebook



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News - 18th February 2011


I now have the application to send out “Newsletters“, some of you will have already received the first one. If you want to come on the list, let me know.

Misery made it to No1 in the “Track4” charts so I’ve put in a couple of new songs; I hope they are liked as much.

The gig for the Otmar-Alt-Stiftung is now fixed, check out the “Gigs” list for everything that’s coming up or sign up to me at “Facebook



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News - 16th January 2011


Ok, December was crap! Never known a white Christmas in my life until this last one. Really pretty but not so good for working so I won't be going to India this winter :-)

Now it’s the New Year and If I want a Bus or a new home then it’s time for work! Already done the first gig of the year and busked a couple of times, yesterday in Oldenburg again. I seem to be doing something right there! Ordnungs amt are being kind to me, Thankyou, and the people seem to like me as well. Took a couple of pics, it was a really nice day out, been a nice start to the year.

I’ve put a few songs up on a website "Track4" and in the "Rock" charts I’ve somehow got up to number 42, seems the song "Misery" is quite well liked.
There are some other songs of mine there, but they're still in the 90's!

I’ll try and keep the "Facebook" page up to date so you can check me out there if you want.


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News - 28th September 2010


Somehow, a connection was lost and I did not receive orders for cd's !!!

If you have ordered something in the last few months and not heard from me, please contact me.

Sorry about this but these things happen :-) 


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News - 25th August 2010


Ok the weather doesn't look great at the moment but on Friday the 27th of August, yes this coming Friday, I'll be playing in Lüdinghausen.

There's a town party and I'm on the stage at the market place.

Hope to see some of you there.



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News - 31st May 2010


So, Ludwigsburg Strassen Music Festival how was it?

Apart from the event being kidnapped by a Spanish band and a bunch of punks it was ok.

Street music can exist only for as long as the musicians/performers have a bit of respect for the street. This means as well as other things, not upsetting the shop owners by either playing too loud or for too long, something that the P.F.M. Pan Flute Mafia have consistently done, hence the problem for the "Genuine" buskers to play in many towns today. (More about the PFM below)

Some of the acts at Ludwigsburg were genuine buskers, some were not.

The festival was pretty well organised, accommodation at the youth hostel was friendly and fun.

For some reason, (Couldn’t have been money with Sparda bank involved) they bought a pile of SM58 mic’s (still the best) but made them redundant as the PA & mixers were of a quality that no busker would ever use. Shame.

The stages were ok even if some of the placements were a little strange.

The playing time (1/2 Hr) was way too short, to do a show, you need at least 45 – 60 minutes, you just had time to attract and warm up your public and then it was time to move on to the next stage. This was very frustrating.

The best part of the festival without doubt was meeting the other performers and at the end of the evening all meeting up and jamming together. The atmosphere was great and everyone just let themselves go. For that mainly, the festival was worth attending.


There are some pics in the photo section.




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About the PFM.
Pan Flute Mafia / Apaches /Bolivians /Peruvians / Parasites

These guys are a bad joke; they’ve made it now nearly impossible to play in so many places. They are only interested in money and they are even using playback, the chances of the public hearing something on the CD by the guys who are "performing" is near impossible.

They are like a cancer that’s spread all over Europe.

They have nothing to do with genuine street music, they are rude, loud, insensitive to other street performers, they are unfriendly, selfish and the cd’s are crap and false, the whole thing is a con.

If you care about street music and it surviving as an Art form then don’t patronise in any way these parasites, they are killing street music. If they are not soon stopped then many of the streets of Europe will be dead to busking. It’s up to you the public, do you like being entertained? If so then support the genuine buskers and reject the PFM.




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News - 19th May 2010

Music Festival in Ludwigsburg

On Friday I'll be down south in Ludwigsburg playing in the music festival.

It starts on Friday and goes through till Sunday, I'll post some pics when I get back.


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News - 5th September 2009

Otmar Alt Stiftung

Otmar Alt, one of Germany’s better known artists has a summer party every year and this year I was invited to play. The weather was shit but everything else was great and I now have an autographed original from the man himself.


Pics in photo section.

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News - 30th August 2009

Finally Outdoors

After living and playing in the Ruhr pot for over 30 years I finally played a gig in Bottrop!

Organised by Heartmut Leger for the Förderverein KONJUNGTUR - forum junger unternehmer e. V.

Outdoors with good weather a great crowd of people and fireworks included, this was a fun evening.

Pics in photo section.

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News - 19th June 2009

Good cause gig

Played for the "Lions" down in Els, it was supposed to be Open Air but the weather wasn’t so kind and we moved indoors. Nice friendly people and a nice evening. I’ll have to see what other Lions clubs there are around.


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News - November 2007

New CD


I've been in the studio again!

It's getting near to Christmas and so often I've brought out a new cd, and this year I've gone and done it again.

Just in time for your Christmas presents list.


Had so much shit this year with "The powers that be" I've had a few articles published but it's still the same problem of being able to sell my cd's on the street so here you are, have a listen to ca. 1min of each song, it's yours to buy if you like it.

The Album is called "In Order" mainly because I was too lazy to change the running order of how we recorded it :-)


It's a mix of some of the songs I've been teaching people over the last year or so and a few songs that people have been nagging me to add onto a cd.

The best for me is "San Diego Serenade, a song of Tom Waits that I've loved for a long time. I played it on Piano, something I'm not normally up to as some of you will hear but I think the feeling was so good I had to put it on, I hope you like it.

My second fav is "Crazy" that old Willie Nelson song. Great Chords and lyrics, felt good on the day.

We found that there was enough film of "Bridge over troubled water" to include that as well, hope you like it.



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News - 30th July 2007


Once again, our friends at ordnungsamt have gone over the top!

WE all know that the Pan Flute Mafia are a pain in the arse and every musician would love to see them all blown away. Because of them mainly, the powers that be have stopped everybody from selling their cd's and in some towns even stopped music being played.

Surely they can filter things, I can remember what it was like before this plague arrived, there must be a way of stopping them but still allowing the real street musicians to do their job which includes making our boring streets more interesting!

Have a read of the article from the Rheinische post and see some of the replies that have been sent in.

If you want to comment, please drop me a line, I'll try and get this as a blog, here or somewhere soon.

The cancer that is the "Apache" / "Pan Flute Mafia" needs to be sorted.



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